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    MCB Quantico, VA History

    In 1917, with the US just entering the largest war the world had ever known to that time, what would be called World War One, the small town of Quantico, Virginia became the home of Marine Barracks Quantico, with a complement of ... 91 Marines, 4 officers.

    The barracks was a training center for recruits, and rapidly grew into the primary Marine Corps base, having an excellent position near Washington DC, a central location on the US East Coast, and direct access to the Potomac River. In World War One Quantico became the site housing the Basic School, the Marine Corps Officer Candidate's School, and several other officer and advanced enlisted training programs. Relocation and consolidation of recruit training to Parris Island and San Diego for recruit training followed. In the late 20th Century the Marine Corps University was established at Quantico.

    In the 1920 and 1930s Quantico was the center of the development of amphibious assault doctrine, and where some of the basic amphibious vehicles were developed. This doctrine gave the USA an advantage in beach assaults over any of the Axis powers in World War Two.

    Today the base has completely surrounded the town in almost every way, and in addition to Marine training hosts the FBI Academy, FBI Lab, the FBI Hostage Rescue Team, the Army CID HQ, the Air Force Office of Special Investigations HQ, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service HQ, the DIA, and the DEA training facility. They are undoubtedly secure under Marine guard.

    Quantico also houses the Marine Corps Brig, housing prisoners awaiting trial, and the base of the Marine One helicopter squadron, which since 1976 has had sole responsibility for transporting the President by helicopter.